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“I believe that creativity is the heart yearning for expression and it is that which is the ultimate expression – the ultimate creator – acting and speaking expressing through you”


- Oprah Winfrey

I wasn’t creative as a child, that was my sister. She was the singer and dancer, the performer, the creator and I was the reader, the intellectual, the observer. Our sibling rivalry was carefully balanced along this division– an unspoken agreement that we could be equal so long as we were different. So as the observer, I’d sit in class half-listening to my teacher, reading a book while my classmates moaned about how difficult the work I had already completed was. When I came home I’d be greeted by my sister’s smiling face in concerts and recitals immortalized in silver frames.


At the risk of violating our family’s natural order, I started to draw and for the first time in my life, I was bad at something. It could’ve been the universe telling me that I just wasn’t cut out to be a creator, but even though there were plenty of things I was naturally good at, art was the first thing I wanted to try. So drawing replaced books as my classroom pastime and, despite some resistance from teachers who labeled it as an unintellectual distraction, it became all I wanted to do. It didn’t make me less intelligent and it didn’t make my sister any less talented, but it did make me happy.


Even with a degree and years of experience as a practicing artist, I am still an observer at heart. Although I’ve shifted away from creating art as a career, I have a great love for producing work and I choose to surround myself with art, studying and appreciating the works and the people who continually choose to create.


MM ‘22

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